Fall Fashion Photo Shoot at Crystal City Water Park, Crystal City, Virginia

Crystal City Water Park in Crystal City, VA is one of the hottest attractions for photographers to shoot Pre or Post Wedding and Sweet Sixteen Pictures. The Photographers of LaDexon are just think a bit differently, well the title says it all doesn’t it. Well they did it and this is just the beginning of the set. I think you will be quite amazed.

As  they were taking pictures, one of the photographers actually jumped in to the water to get better shots, well you might know him, his name is AJ Khetarpal. In any case, managing a group of 4-5 models is not challenging when they know what they are doing but when they are new at this, it takes team work and vision, but most importantly, the ability to communicate the vision to get the final product or the end result.

We concluded the shoot because “AJ” decided to jump in the water again but didn’t realize it was too deep to just keep his feet wet. He fell in with all the camera equipment. Oh don’t worry, the camera equipment was fine. It just took a few days to ensure all the moisture was out. By they way he was using a Canon to shoot. If at anytime you would like to come and see how one our shoots looks like behind the scenes, feel free to contact us, we will let you know where and when the next one is.

Well this was the story of the shoot at the Fall Fashion Shoot at Crystal City Water Park, Crystal City, Virginia.

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