12.9.2011 WTF@DISTRICT with The Party Boy DJ Chris Styles of HOT99.5

Last week at “WTF@DISTRICT” was not a regular night. I got there just as “DISTRICT” had opened up for the public. As I walk towards the main door, I was greeted by the security and for formality, my ID was checked as any other night. I then walk in & handed my coat at the coat check, meet and greet the members of the security staff, the bartenders and the wait staff and enter the VIP area, I already see a few guests there. I had to say they were early!

Expressed my gratitude towards “DJ Chris Styles”(he is the reason behind me being in there every friday night). Hands down, he is the best DJ I have ever known and I am not saying because I know him or to praise him. He really works hard to ensure that you have a good night. He is often caught running between the DJ booth and the Bathroom during the night.

I assembled my camera gear. I use a Canon Rebel T1i camera body with a Canon 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 Lens and a Canon 430EX Hot Shoe Mounted Flash with a Gary Fong Lightsphere Diffuser with a custom made bounce card made of paper and aluminum foil to force light towards the front. To keep it light weight, I do not use a battery grip since the battery hold a good amount of charge to shoot an entire night. I have shot with one battery charge an entire wedding wich started at 2pm and ended at 11:30pm. I started out by taking shots of the staff and started talking to everyone.

The customer service of the wait staff and the bar tenders is amazing. They really make sure that your drink mixers and drinks are never empty while also making sure you do not consume too much that security has to carry you out.

The sound system and the ambience in one of a kind, 3 bars of which the main floor bar wraps around and is fully stocked with all premium liquor. The Bartenders can do amazing tricks, such as juggle shakers and bottles, do a flame throw stunt and a few other tricks which you should come to “DISTRICT” to experience.

I hope I can see you there at “DISTRICT” and if you are there, make sure you say hello to the guy with the camera wearing a HOT99.5 lanyard!

Check out the pics from 12.9.2011 “WTF@DISTRICT” with “The Party Boy” “DJ Chris Styles” of “HOT99.5”

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