12.23.2011 Dj Garret & DJ Brad Piff keep the party moving at M.I.A

Friday nights are the nights when I am at District in Adams Morgan for WTF@DISTRICT with The Party Boy DJ Chris Styles to capture the night. For a change I was invited by DJ Garret to capture his Party Rock Anthem!

The ambience of M.I.A is amazing, They use projectors instead of lights to create 3D effects and display pictures on walls, so the effects are much cooler.












DJ Garret opened the night and tag teamed with DJ Brad Piff to close off.









Both of these music masters, tape jockeys, cd scratchers, thumb drive stickers, can keep a massive crowd entertained for hours.

Shots were being poured directly in people’s mouths.







The naughty group was just too naughty I think.







See what else happened in the gallery below.

 [AFG_gallery id=’39’]

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