Photography Services and Portfolio

Wedding Photography Services

Wedding rings in Roses

Wedding day: The day when nothing else matters except you!

Your wedding day is a memorable experience. When captured in pictures, it can be remembered for generations. How would you like to capture them?

Here are some Samples.

Event Photography Services

Pics or it didn’t happen! In the digital age, we recognize that
communication is now more visual than textual. Expand your social
experience & make your event remembered and a success. Capture your
event with Flare! See how we help you!

Fashion Photography Services

YOUR FASHION, YOUR WAY!  Either you are a designer or a model, your style matters. Your clothing represents you and what you represent. We understand that it is not what we are looking to capture, but what you would like to capture and represent. Need Inspiration? Click here.

Night Life Photography Services

Night Life is about the people who attend. People look back to see what happened or show others what they missed out.

By blending the pictures of the DJ, the venue & the people into
one HOT digital album, we can make your events even more memorable.
Here’s how we do it!

Food & Venue Photography Services

Your Food & Venue is why people come to your place. They enjoy the
ambiance and the food. When it is displayed the right way, the
attraction is magnified several-fold.

See some Samples here.